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Raquel Fuentes - Account Executive

"Find little things that make you smile and keep them easily accessible. People like it when you smile!"

Raquel Fuentes | Account Executive

Lost and found

“Where y’all goin’?”

It’s a natural phrase for a girl born and raised in the small town of Boerne, Texas, with a self-professed lack of direction. If you asked Raquel why she would dare leave the comforts of home to live in an unfamiliar city packed with one-way streets, she would simply say, “I needed a change.”

While studying at Texas State University, she helped form the Society of Future Business Leaders. Getting the fledgling organization off the ground gave her experience in partnership building, project management and long-term planning.

After graduating with a degree in Business Management, her part-time job as a legal assistant in a law office left her yearning for a greater challenge—not to mention a change of scenery. With her trusty roadmap by her side, Raquel headed 16 hours northwest to a place she had never been before but would soon call home.

Not long after she settled in the Mile High City, Raquel found her way to MGA. Her drive, passion and southern twang proved to be the perfect fit, and she soon landed a position with MGA. With a head for business and a work ethic to match, Raquel's innate desire to excel and serve others is evident in the work she does for MGA clients.

While Raquel still gets lost from time to time exploring the streets of Downtown Denver, she has found the joys of the mountains, Red Rocks and the Colorado Rockies—but, being a Texan to the core, she still cheers for her hometown team, the San Antonio Spurs.

Although Raquel’s inner compass struggles with which way is West (even with the mountains in plain sight), it still points her to where she belongs – with us at MGA.

  • Areas of Expertise: Social Media, Business Development, Event Planning & Execution, Marketing, Community Relations, Project Management 
  • Industry/Vertical Areas of Expertise: Nonprofits, Natural Resources, Government
  • Recent Client Work: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, QEP Resources, Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance
  • Year Entered Communications Industry: 2007 
  • Year Started at MGA: 2007 
  • Education: B.B.A. in Business Management from Texas State University

Interesting Fact
As a child, Raquel twirled the baton for parades in her home town of Boerne, Texas.

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