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Jim Mascolo - Senior Art Director

"Whenever making an important life decision, first consult Google."

Jim Mascolo | Senior Art Director & Copywriter

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You'll need a map to track the life of world-traveled Art Director Jim Mascolo.

The lights and tough streets of the Windy City bred Jim's addictive energy and dry humor. Both required ingredients for attendance at the artistic sanctuary of Chicago's Columbia College. Always attracted to the creative, Jim participated in everything from dance and theater to fine arts and graphic design. The next logical step for Jim? A future on an assembly line…well, sort of.

A travel bug bit Jim after graduation. And it bit him hard enough to inspire a move to Switzerland, where he worked the line for a food service company. Back in the States, he bounced between the sunsets of Key West and the surf of Big Sur. In California, Jim counseled mentally challenged children while perfecting his graphic design skills working in pre-press and typesetting.

In 1995, Jim moved to Denver. His work since relocating here is extremely varied, but there has been an emphasis on advertising, collateral and corporate identity pieces. Even with all this experience, what still drives Jim is the pursuit of perfect design.

Whether it's giving guitar lessons, studying French or facilitating neighborhood discussions on violence and the media, diversity is still a core component of Jim's life. Now the only map you’ll need to find Jim is the one to his house, where he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family.

  • Areas of Expertise: Graphic Design, Creative, Advertising & Copywriting, Print Management, Print Production, Web Design, Flash Animation
  • Industry/Vertical Areas of Expertise: State Government, High-Tech
  • Recent Client Work: All clients that require creative work
  • Year Entered Communications Industry: 1990
  • Year Started at MGA: 2001
  • Education: B.A. from Columbia College

Interesting Fact

Jim loves to work with children. He coached youth soccer for six years and presently volunteers weekly in the classroom of one of his son's former teachers.

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