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"In today’s world of social media, the goal is message management, not message control."

Jeff Julin, APR, Fellow PRSA President

It all started in a small mining town… really

Think Mayberry, USA. We're talking Andy, Opie and Aunt Bee. Now cut the town in half. Welcome to Climax, a tiny mining town in Colorado where it all started for our President.

On the last street at the top of the hill, Jeff watched cars rust from the window of his house. He was raised with strong traditional values that he's never lost. Values that define who he is, who he strives to be and who he surrounds himself with.

With folks in the mining business, Jeff pushed grey-market drill bits for the supply department of a local mine. One day, Jeff overheard a manager make the horrifying statement that "a happy employee is not a working employee because people don't like to work." Next to falling face-first onto a shovel, this was the most memorable and defining moment in Jeff's life. It bothered him so much he committed to proving that manager's philosophy wrong.

Though fascinated by working underground, he targeted a career in employee relations. Before a path could clearly develop, a public relations position became available. He immediately applied for and secured the job, which turned out to be a great fit. The act of bringing factions together and facilitating dialogues quickly engaged and intrigued him.

In the early `80s, Jeff landed at Entercom, a sort of movies and mining PR agency that became what is now MGA. Today, Jeff's greatest success story is creating MGA with fellow partners Mike Gaughan and Cricket Smith.

A bit befuddled as to how a miner developed a love for the fine arts and theatre, Jeff is overwhelmingly passionate about them both. Next to his bug collection and admiration of the stars he's seen on and off Broadway, he most respects and admires his co-founder Mike Gaughan.

Jeff prefers morning rain to fresh mountain scent, cocoa to fruity pebbles and Christina Aguilera to Britney Spears. While dining out, Jeff orders food based on what he sees on other people's plates instead of directly from the menu. Finally, his ultimate fantasy would go something like this: Riding in a gondola down the Grand Canal in Venice, shrouded in a black velvet cape, sipping Kettle One martinis (up, cold, with a twist), conversing with Connie Selleca and George Gershwin in the background (the music, not the guy).

Why? Beats the heck out of watching cars rust.

  • Areas of Expertise: Strategic Planning, Crisis Communications, Risk Communications, Community Relations, Research, Media Relations, Message Development
  • Industry/Vertical Areas of Expertise: Natural Resources, Manufacturing, Industrial, Education, Government, Associations
  • Recent Client Work: RubinBrown LLC, QEP Resources, Noble Energy, Inc., The Colorado Trust, Colorado Education Association, McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, Stellar Recruitment
  • Year Entered Communications Industry: 1977
  • Year Started at MGA: 1987 (since its inception)
  • Education: B.A. in Communications and Theatre from the University of Colorado at Boulder

Interesting Fact

When Jeff was 14, he starred as Sterling Slushington in the play, “For Your Brother's Crime.” He was cast as the hero, and his twin brother played the villain.

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