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Doug Magee - Vice President of Research

"Focus groups and in-depth interviews, known as qualitative research, are best for generating ideas and brainstorming."



Doug Magee Vice President of Research 

I wanna rock

Rock star. A dream of many. A reality of few. Meet Doug Magee.

He once played 75 shows in 90 days. He still owns six bass guitars. He says he has better equipment now than when he performed with more than 15 rock n' roll bands in the 1960s and 70s. And he'll join his 16th band when he's done teaching us the statistical equation used to determine margin of error.

Not every rock star ends up with a talent and appreciation for research. But with the music industry tanking in the mid seventies, Doug had to get a job. Though he majored in music and architecture as a Cornhusker, Doug needed what his growing family needed - a good job with flexible hours. Thanks to a friend of his older brother, Doug landed some work with Community Response as a telephone interviewer.

That was 30 years ago.

Doug learned everything he knows about research by rolling up his sleeves and digging in. While at Community Response, he was involved in a variety of research projects, including phone interviewing, door-to-door data collection, managing a phone bank, overseeing mall intercepts and training interviewers.

His expertise in developing effective research strategies led to his role as Vice President of Community Response. In 1981, he joined Entercom and its founder, Mike Gaughan, as manager of research. When Mike, Jeff Julin and Cricket Smith formed MGA, Doug was right by their side.

Doug currently lives in Arvada and enjoys the outdoors. He hikes. He maintains an organic vegetable garden. He's a past president of the Colorado Chapter of the American Marketing Association and is active in the chapter's Past Presidents Advisory Council.

The only thing he enjoys more than the outdoors? A little bass, his two grown daughters and his new granddaughter, Scarlett.


  • Areas of Expertise: Research
  • Industry/Vertical Areas of Expertise: Energy, Natural Resources, Public Education, Environment, Associations/Nonprofit Organizations, Land Use/Site Redevelopment
  • Recent Client Work: The Colorado Trust, Shell Oil Co., The GLBT Center of Colorado, The Gill Foundation, Colorado Education Association, Colorado Oil & Gas Association
  • Year Entered Research Industry: 1978
  • Year Started at MGA: 1987 (since its inception)
  • Education: University of Nebraska

Interesting Fact

The show must go on! Doug's band, The Chancellors, was driving through a rainstorm in western Nebraska, when their vehicle skidded off the road and sent their equipment flying. The hard-working rockers pulled out their hair dryers and got enough gear working to make their gig in Kansas the next day.

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