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Vaisala: Touring Across America
by Lisa 1367 days ago

Companies are continuously thinking of how to integrate their products, services and communications into giving and receiving information in real-time. Now, the road maintenance industry has found a solution to sharing data in real-time through a mobile system.

Vaisala, an MGA client, knows the importance of keeping roads safe during unpredictable weather conditions. Vaisala recently launched a first-of-its-kind mobile technology called Condition Patrol. The system uses lasers and infrared observations to track pavement temperature, air temperature, road conditions, and road friction levels. This real-time data is transmitted to a smartphone mounted on the dashboard of a maintenance vehicle and sent back to the decision-makers in the road maintenance departments to help them make more informed decisions on road treatment(s). Virginia is the first state to buy this new technology and will test it on its fleet in the future.

Vaisala_One_Vaisala_Across_America_Vehicle.JPGVaisala and MGA are currently promoting the technology through the Vaisala Across America tour. Company officials are traveling across the U.S. in a branded vehicle equipped with Condition Patrol, showcasing it to road maintenance officials in over 40 cities. In addition to showing it to road maintenance officials, they also have been interviewed by television, radio and newspaper reporters across the country. So far, MGA has secured more than 40 media placements for Vaisala, reaching more than a million people during the last two months.

Vaisala One (the name given to the truck by our client) is currently heading toward the East Coast. The tour will end in National Harbor, MD, at the Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS) Annual Meeting and Exposition from May 21- 23.

For me, this is an exciting advancement in technology (I’m a tech geek) and for the transportation industry as a whole. After seeing the demonstration, I know Condition Patrol will help crews alert drivers of hazardous road conditions during bad weather. As someone who has lived most of her life in states with bad and often unpredictable winter weather, I believe this technology will be very helpful. Receiving detailed data in real-time will not only keep drivers safe, but it will reduce weather-related traffic delays and the costs behind treating the roads.

For more information about Vaisala’s new product, follow the tour and read the latest blog posts from the road. For additional updates, follow their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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