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Intern Rundown
by Lisa 1411 days ago

Although MGA is not my first internship, this is my first time interning at an agency – and it’s been a whirlwind experience! While I have learned and built upon my skills through other internships and experiences to make me a better public relations professional, I can truly say this time around it is different.

Compared to my other internships, here at MGA I have the chance to work with many different companies and organizations – all at the same time. I’ve also seen how important it is to adjust your time to meet the clients’ needs. I’m learning a lot about the PR profession and about myself as a professional.

Halfway through my internship, I have learned a lot and have been busier than I ever thought possible. So far I have:

  • Learned how to record my billable hours (after hearing the stories, I now understand the challenges);
  • Helped organize a statewide media buy campaign;
  • Assisted in writing two strategic communication plans;
  • Pitched and secured television coverage in markets around the country
  • Helped with business development activities;
  • Written a website privacy policy (thank you undergraduate law class!); and
  • Facilitated a launch event with my team to celebrate a client’s product release and the beginning of a national tour.  

I’ve also learned that, to succeed in this profession, I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and remember to rely on those around me – more senior professionals – for advice and help, whether personal or professional.

I am proud and excited to see what I have already accomplished. I am eager to see what is waiting for me in the coming months and I look forward to continuing to feed my curiosity, ignite my creativity and grow as a public relations professional.

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