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Talking 'Bout Those Generations

Posted by Doug

At least several times a week I see something about one of our nation’s generations, from baby boomers to millennials. Since so many appear to be interested in generational differences (myself included), I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the data I’ve seen recently.

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  • Written about 24 hours ago
    From baby boomers to pesky whipper-snappers, Doug highlights a few generational differences and the data behind them via @MGAers
  • Written about 6 weeks ago
    Doug discusses the disappearance of land lines and the impact it has on telephone research via @MGAers
  • Written about 9 weeks ago
    Jeff gives his take on the Paris terror attack and what terrorism is really about #JeSuisCharlie via @MGAers
Spotlight on...

Spotlight on…

Award-Winning Brochure

MGA Communications and our client, the Colorado Division of Insurance, received a 2014 Gold PEAK Award from the Colorado American Marketing Association in the collateral material category. The award recognized the division’s health insurance brochure titled “Better Decisions. Better Prepared.” The brochure, which also was translated into Spanish, supplements the division’s outreach and explains its role in working with consumers to navigate the complexities of health insurance. Congratulations to our client and all of this year’s PEAK Award winners!

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